Frequently Asked Questions

What is TFM's Methodology? 🌲

The TFM methodology, also known as The Family Tree, offers a holistic framework for enhancing the well-being and growth of individuals, households, and extended families. This method is depicted as a tree with several layers, each crucial in bolstering and nurturing the family entity.

What is Family Vision?

At the heart of The Family Tree is 'Vision,' which includes purpose, values, and roles. It provides a shared language that is relevant across various life domains—whether in family settings, businesses, teams, or charitable foundations—and is key for group alignment.

What are the 5 Forms of Family Capital?

The 5 Forms of Capital were developed by James E. Hughes, who pioneered the idea that true wealth is the well-being of the family. We wrote about this for Kiplinger, and in this article, you will find links to books and other articles about wealth as well-being.

Tell me about your Family Management Software?

What is the point of creating an amazing, beautiful family vision if you just write it on a post-it and put it in a drawer? Our software allows families to capture the amazing vision work they're doing in a durable manner. It also handles billing, scheduling, and pretty much anything else we can do to make this process as energizing, easy, and practical for our clients.

Which families are the best fit for TFM's services?

We totally get it. You might be thinking, "Coaching sounds great, but I'm swamped," or "I don't have kids," or even, "I've got this life thing down." But let's be real: in today's non-stop world, who isn't feeling a bit overwhelmed? The truth is, if your relationships and personal well-being are important to you, you'll never regret dedicating time to chat and reflect on your life dynamics. When's the last time you had a meaningful conversation about what truly matters to you? TFM is here to help you navigate your personal life and relationships, however you define them. The key takeaway is that we all have one life to live, and it matters. Spending time talking, thinking, and reflecting on the most important aspects of your life is an invaluable use of time in today's always-on world. We think everyone can benefit from clarity of vision and prioritization, but chances are, you'll see yourself in one or more of these life stages:

Single Adult: Making pivotal life choices, improving relationships, taking inventory of relationships exploring career paths, setting health and wellness goals, co-parenting, and managing the challenges of relocation.

Committed Partnership: Cultivating a joyful relationship, aligning priorities, balancing dual careers, making decisions about starting a family, and handling the logistics of moving.

Raising Young Children: Fostering good values in kids, striking a work-life balance, effective parenting strategies, supporting aging parents, and managing holiday stress.

Raising Adolescent Children: Establishing a positive family culture, instilling gratitude, navigating the digital age with kids, being proactive parents, and caregiving for elderly family members.

Launching Children: Building strong bonds with adult children, embracing the empty nest phase, considering downsizing or relocating, planning for retirement, and supporting aging parents.

Later Life: Reflecting on legacy, enjoying retirement, nurturing relationships with grown children, passing down life wisdom, cherishing time with loved ones, expressing gratitude, and being engaged grandparents.

Will the same family coach be consistently assigned to us?

Absolutely! And just between us, you're probably going to be quite fond of your coach. But, you know, life happens. Sometimes our coaches decide to hit the books again, move to some picturesque spot with not-so-picturesque internet, or just need some time off. While we always aim to keep families with their original coach, if a switch-up is needed, we've got your back. We'll ensure a seamless transition and introduce you to another fantastic coach who's ready to dive in and support you.

Who makes up the TFM coaching team?

At TFM, we pride ourselves on having a world-class team of professional coaches. Our team comes from a variety of educational backgrounds, including education, psychology, social work, and human resources. This diversity allows us to approach challenges from multiple perspectives, offering a more holistic solution. While credentials are important, we place a higher emphasis on experience, ongoing education, adaptability, current client feedback, and alignment with TFM's core values. Our goal is to ensure the right fit for each client, providing a tailored coaching experience that truly makes a difference. Being a part of our team lets these talented individuals make a positive impact, earn a decent living, and design a work schedule that complements their life, not the other way around.

And just so you know, we don't just let anyone in. Our selection process is rigorous, and once on board, there's comprehensive training and continuous development.

Are our workhop sessions confidential?

Absolutely! Think of it this way: it's your family, your story, and you're in the driver's seat when it comes to sharing. We're just here to help navigate. We steer clear of diving into financial, tax, or legal specifics. Your trust is paramount, and we're committed to honoring that.

Could you elaborate on the "100% satisfaction guaranteed" promise?

You bet! Here's the heart of it: We're all in on supporting families through our coaching session. We genuinely believe in the magic of family coaching, even if it's a fresh idea for some. So, we're all about making it easy for families to give it a go. If after three sessions, you're thinking, "This isn't quite right for us," we've got you covered with a no-fuss refund. We're not here to just tick boxes; we want families to truly feel the difference. Our guarantee is our handshake, our pact that says we're as committed to your family's happiness and growth as you are. Think of it like this: just as hitting the gym is a go-to for physical health, we see a world where family coaching is the norm for nurturing strong, connected families. That's the TFM way.

Product & Service

What is the actual experience of private virtual coaching?

Private means, it’s you, or you and your partner, alone with your family coach. Virtual means it’s just like being on a zoom call or google meet or any video conference. There’s a human on the other side

What can we expect in our sessions with TFM?

It's simple. There are six sessions that you can schedule at your convenience using our software. The first four sessions focus on uncovering your vision, while the agenda for the next two is entirely driven by the client.

Who attends TFM sessions?

TFM's standard sessions are specifically designed for the head(s) of the household to attend. This usually means single adults or couples—whether they're partners, spouses, or significant others—lead the way. Each session is facilitated by an experienced TFM family coach to ensure you get the most out of the session. There are times when other family members may be invited to join, depending on the specific topic being covered in the session.

Do I need to be with a wealth advisor to join TFM?

Not at all! While many top-notch family offices across the country are teaming up with TFM, you don't need one to get started. Just go here:

How much is the investment?

Alright, let's talk numbers! For the first year, it's $2,495 per household. This gets you the membership perks and those 6 sessions to kick things off.

Family Offices

Does TFM Partner Exclusively with Specific Wealth Firms?

At TFM, our top priority is always families. While we're proud to collaborate with some of the premier wealth firms in the U.S., the specifics of those partnerships remain under wraps. We've witnessed wealth firms seamlessly integrate our family coaching insights into their financial and estate planning processes. From enhancing client experiences to forging bonds with the next generation, the ways in which firms incorporate TFM into their operations is their unique blend – a recipe we respect and keep confidential.

Who covers the cost for the family coaching sessions?

Well, it's a bit of a mix-and-match situation. Some firms generously cover the whole shebang for their clients. On the flip side, some clients prefer to handle the bill themselves. And then there's the in-between, where it's a bit of a shared effort. Ultimately, how the bill gets split is a unique choice for each firm.


You folks seem big on values. What are TFM's core values?

You hit the nail on the head! We're all about values over here. Our driving force? It's simple: "to show up and help families." That's our North Star. As for our core values, we rally around connection, authenticity, hope, support, and a good dose of humor. Because let's face it, a little laughter goes a long way, especially when navigating the family journey!