Podcast: It's Never About Money

Join us on the "It's Never About Money" podcast where Total Family Management's Alex Kirby discusses family wealth beyond finances.

Podcast: It's Never About Money

In a compelling episode of the "It's Never About Money" podcast, Total Family Management's CEO, Alex Kirby, shares the mic with host Joe to delve into an enriched definition of wealth—one that transcends financial figures and embraces overall well-being.

Wealth as Well-being

Alex discusses the innovative perspective that wealth should be seen not just as financial abundance but as familial and personal well-being. This holistic approach is part of TFM's philosophy, where fostering strong family bonds and Family Vision.

Exploring the Five Forms of Family Capital

Throughout the episode, Alex and Joe explore the Five Forms of Family Capital, which are central to understanding and nurturing wealth that lasts across generations:

  1. Human Capital: Focus on personal identity and well-being.
  2. Social Capital: Emphasizing communication and relationships.
  3. Intellectual Capital: Encouraging shared knowledge and continuous growth.
  4. Financial Capital: Managing financial resources wisely.
  5. Cultural Capital: Preserving and fostering family vision.

Each form is discussed in depth, providing listeners with actionable insights on how to integrate these capitals into their family dynamics and wealth management strategies.