Clarify Your Family Culture: Total Family Management's Values Workshop

Clarify Your Family Culture: Total Family Management's Values Workshop

At the heart of TFM's values workshop lies your family culture. Defining your family values is a way to establish guiding principles that help create a sense of identity, purpose, and belonging within your family unit. They define what is important to your family, dictate behavior, and influence decision-making processes. By clarifying and upholding shared values, you can build stronger bonds, nurture positive relationships, and navigate challenges together with a common understanding and direction. Known family values also help instill a sense of character, integrity, and moral compass in family members, contributing to their personal growth and development. Ultimately, the purpose of family values is to create a solid foundation for individuals to thrive and for the family unit to flourish.

TFM’s values workshop is a captivating 90-minute exploration of values—offering an extensive list of 72 values for you to consider. Guided by an experienced TFM coach, you will navigate this collection, distilling it down to the five values that resonate most profoundly with your individual and family aspirations and ideals.

Lots of people talk about values. Why is this process so important? By clarifying priorities and aligning them towards a shared objective, families gain the essential tools to navigate life's challenges. The values workshop presents an opportunity for you to create a solid foundation from which everything else is built.  But it also helps you spend 90 uninterrupted minutes on one topic.  Something you probably rarely do but will never regret.

Consider this: most people assume their family already possesses a set of values, but they remain concealed or undefined. They possess the power to unify, inspire, and guide decision-making. However, without taking time to define them, they go unused. Worse still, too many priorities make goals hard to achieve. The TFM values workshop equips you with a map to uncover the short list of values that genuinely define your family's culture.

Throughout the workshop, the TFM coach's expertise guides discussions, encouraging deep introspection and meaningful conversations. Together, the coach supports your family as you delve into the significance of each value, answering thought-provoking questions, and ultimately deciding for yourselves what success looks like to your family. Every conversation is unique. There is no “TFM goal” for a family other than clarifying values and creating incredible conversation.

The final set of values become the guiding principles for your family's path. Decision-making becomes more intuitive, conflicts morph into opportunities for growth, and actions naturally align with chosen values. More importantly, these values create a common language, uniting your family and instilling a profound sense of belonging and purpose within each member.

At the end of the workshop, values are securely stored in RELATE. TFM believes in the power of creating a meaningful legacy—an ongoing testament to your family's growth and evolution. RELATE serves as a cherished time capsule, connecting past, present, and future generations. Imagine your family, years from now, revisiting the family output from the workshop. Each word, each value serves as a poignant reminder of the shared journey—the milestones reached, the adversities overcome, and the immeasurable growth achieved together. TFM's values workshop is not a fleeting moment; it serves as an ongoing conversation, one that many families revisit over time and recall in almost every other workshop with their dedicated coach.