Find Your Family Flow: It's Easier Than Ever

Find Your Family Flow: It's Easier Than Ever

Family Coaching as you've never seen it before.

TFM understands that nothing is more important than the bonds between family members and there's no better feeling for our coaches than seeing a family begin to find their flow. What’s family flow?  As one of our client’s teenage daughters said, “You know when it’s all just workin.” Flow also means movement, flexibility, evolution.  Not just for our clients, but for our company.  When our clients give us thoughtful feedback, we appreciate it and we listen.  Here’s what we heard.

Make the sign-up simple

Early in our journey, TFM services were typically purchased by companies for their top leaders or by wealth firms on behalf of top clients. This boosted our visibility but created a barrier for families themselves, who started to find us on their own and want their own membership.  So we opened another door.  Now, we work with some of the best wealth firms in the US and sell directly to individual families. Not everyone understands family coaching (yet) but for those that do, they can get started in about 3 minutes.

Lower the barriers for families on the fence

Although we have clients in 17 states, we've observed skepticism of family coaching. (And we get it)  So, we doubled down on our commitment, followed the lead of the best brands in the world, and wrote the TFM Brand Promise.  If, after three workshops, families feel unsatisfied for any reason, we offer a 100% refund. Not sure if TFM is right for your household?  There’s no reason not to try.

TFM stands behind our services - we win if families win


Finally, amidst a time of heightened anxiety, stress, and loneliness, we are emphasizing togetherness, and reinforcing connection. The mental fitness problems facing our society are vast and TFM is just a small part of the solution.  Our workshops take place over 90 minutes between coaches and couples (sometimes singles) in a private, virtual environment.  In fact, the coach is virtual but the couple is together.  No one regrets sitting together for 90 minutes talking about their life, vision, and legacy.  Especially when they consider what they would have done with that time on an average day.   Time and again our clients tell us that they walk away feeling connected, focused, and energized.  Small steps make a big impact.

Join us!

Become a TFM Family. Have you ever taken a class or hired a pro to teach you something?  You invest in what’s important to you.  And every membership is covered by our Brand Promise if you’re not totally happy with the outcome.  Either way, spread the word. Do you know a friend or family that would love an uninterrupted, 90-minute conversation about their family?  Share TFM.

We're convinced that our attempts to lower these barriers will invite more families to explore family coaching, to re-discover the joy of connectedness, and define a collective vision for their lives.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.

"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song." - Pam Brown