Our new website is *live*!

A lot of big growth called for a fresh coat of paint.  In the past 6 months, TFM has:

  • grown the team by 4 times
  • accepted invitations to speak on podcasts
  • begun working with clients in 11 states
  • delivered leadership webinars
  • forced its leadership team into fake spring break t-shirts to pose in front of a faux brick wall.  Okay, fine, it didn't take much forcing.

But there's something about a website relaunch that makes everything easier to share, more exciting to talk about, and faster to communicate.

Let us know what you think.  And if you've been wanting to learn more about how we are showing up and supporting families (like yours, like your clients', like your employees) then let us know that too.  Reply here, or email us at hello@totalfamily.io

In the meantime, let's party like it's TFM Daytona Beach Spring Break 2023.  (I promise, it's way more fun than it sounds).