TFM Partners With Simple On New ‘Family Governance’ Category

TFM Partners With Simple On New ‘Family Governance’ Category
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TFM is proud to announce its partnership with family office knowledge platform Simple in becoming the first Family Governance category member in their growing directory of service providers for family offices.

This collaboration signifies a notable trend in the family office sector, highlighting the increasing demand for innovative and scalable family governance services for both single and multi-family offices. Francois Botha, the founder and CEO of Simple, stated,

“The family office industry has been underserved when it comes to areas outside of wealth management. As a new generation of owners takes the helm, more expertise is required to correctly manage family governance, being so critical to the long-term success of family offices.”

When families hear the word governance, they often think of rules. And while rules are necessary, TFM's approach to governance focuses on culture, principles, and vision. Strong relationships, open dialogue, and common language go a long way with families. The collaboration aims to redefine the trajectory of family legacies, ensuring they are rich not only financially but also in well-being and values. By combining TFM's expertise in fostering family unity, communication, and shared values with the global reach of Simple, the partnership is set to offer a truly holistic approach to governance and dynamics.

Building lasting family legacies: The role of values and social fitness

Together, TFM and Simple are committed to helping families uphold and evolve their core values, ensuring a lasting, positive impact on society. As we celebrate this significant collaboration, we invite you to explore our joint initiatives, starting with a insightful piece on "Building lasting family legacies: The role of values and social fitness"